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Working with BOAGAS is easy, and installers can make the most of the high-performance, high-quality products that have been designed to offer versatility of design, optimum safety and ease of installation. With only hand tools required and the ability to simply bend the pipe into position by hand – no need for elbows or joints – the BOAGAS system is a time-saving, cost-effective installation solution.


Step-by-step guide to cutting and terminating BOAGAS CSST:

Tools required:

  • cutter (suitable for stainless steel)
  • utility knife
  • wrenches

CAUTION: Cut CSST ends may be sharp. Always take care when handling.

Step 1

Determine the length of pipe required and using a cutter designed to cut stainless steel, sit the blade between two of the pipe’s corrugations. Rotate the cutter in one direction for a next cut.
Applying too much pressure when cutting can result in irregular cuts and deformations.

The outer polyethylene sleeve needs to be cut back. To do this, using a utility knife, find the fourth corrugation for pipe sizes DN15, DN20 and DN25 or the second corrugation for pipe sizes DN40 and DN50 and carefully slice around and remove the cut section.
Take care: the cut end of the CSST may be sharp.

Step 2

The fitting is easily fitted by sliding the nut onto the pipe. Next, position the two half rings so that a corrugation remains visible at the end of the pipe.

Note: For pipe sizes DN40 and DN50, the half rings are narrower than for other pipe sizes.

Step 3

Next, push the nut over the half rings and attach screw the fitting by hand as far as possible.

Step 4

Use wrenches to tighten as much as possible. Some resistance will be felt when tightening. When tightening, rotate the nut only. Do not rotate the fitting body.  This action causes the first corrugation inside the fitting to be pressed, creating two seals.

After conducting a pressure test, protect the transition from the corrugated pipe to the fitting with protective tape.

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