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The smart solution for heat-conducting stainless steel corrugated pipes.

Whether you are a planning office or installation company, property manager or tenant - let TERRA+ inspire you and benefit from the advantages in planning, implementation and uncomplicated connection of the heat pump.

Pre-insulated corrugated pipes

Four variants, with insulation thicknesses of 50 - 200%, which can be easily laid from the roll and bent as required, enable user-friendly and also particularly flexible heat pump connections. Combined with special fittings, error-free, safe and efficient installation is guaranteed without the need for any special tools. Thanks to the additional lengths (corrugated and empty pipes), even angled and difficult to access connections can be reached easily and without complications.


The TERRA+ system offers a wide range of fittings. Each of our fittings is equipped with our unique double sealing technology, guaranteeing maximum safety. TERRA+ fittings are installed quickly and safely using conventional installation tools. It is not necessary to prepare the sealing surfaces (e.g. flanging or similar).


In addition to the pre-insulated pipes and fittings, our range includes a comprehensive range of accessories that help to ensure that the installation complies with standards (annular space seals, etc.). All our accessories are matched to our TERRA+ system.

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