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Welcome to Boacraft!

BOACRAFT is a company operating across Europe with headquarters in Austria. Since 2011, BOACRAFT has been distributing the BOAGAS stainless steel corrugated pipe system for the gas sector throughout Europe. In light of market changes, the development of the AQA+ stainless steel corrugated pipe system for utility and drinking water began in 2022. In 2023, the smart solution for heat-conducting stainless steel corrugated pipes, TERRA+, was introduced. These innovations led to the renaming of the company from BOAGAS to BOACRAFT in 2023 and to work on new product groups.

Strong Partnerships

The BOACRAFT team places great importance on reliable partnerships and customer satisfaction. Together with distribution partners, we ensure close customer relationships with heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and industrial companies, as well as with planners, architects, and builders. Whether you're an installer, planner, or estimator – benefit from the numerous advantages of the strong BOACRAFT team and the flexible installation systems.

To best support our customers across Europe, we have our own branches in addition to the Austrian headquarters in Germany and France. In other countries, we are supported by reliable and competent distribution partners such as SOPER (Benelux) and  TERRAGAZ (Eastern Europe). The constant availability of our products is maintained through multiple warehouse locations, reputable logistics partners, and carefully selected regional wholesalers in all our distribution countries.

Origin of the Product Idea

The idea of flexible gas pipes originally dates back to the 1980s and originates from Japan. The challenge there was to make gas pipelines more earthquake-resistant. Rigid pipes often broke even during mild earthquakes, so there was a search for an idea to address the problem. The solution was found in the so-called PLT pipes (Pliable Tubing). The corrugated pipes can absorb vibrations to a certain extent. It didn't take long for the flexible pipes for gas to make their way from the USA to Europe. Today, they ensure maximum safety of gas installations worldwide.

Success is our goal!

CEO and Founder
Rainer Zimmermann

Waltraud Lechner

Product Management
Nikolaus Rois

Marketing & PR
Sigrid Rothwangl

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