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The smart solution for
heat-conducting stainless steel corrugated pipes

Efficient - 70% faster and easier installation
TERRA+ fittings
Flexible - Easily bendable stainless steel tube
Terra corrugated pipes
Terra - Heat pump


The smart solution for
heat-conducting stainless steel corrugated pipes

BOACRAFT Management GmbH is launching an absolute innovation on the market with its TERRA+: pre-insulated, high-temperature-resistant corrugated stainless steel pipes for air-to-water heat pumps. Additional lengths of 25 - 30 cm, depending on the dimensions of the corrugated pipes, ensure maximum flexibility of the system. Thanks to the well-known double sealing technology of the fittings, you also benefit from quick and safe installation. No additional tools, such as crimping pliers, are required.

With more than 40 years of market experience, with TERRA+ from BOACRAFT Management GmbH you are choosing the European expert in the field of flexible installation systems.

BOACRAFT is active throughout Europe and stands for safety, quality, customer proximity through personal support and a wide range of flexible, pre-insulated corrugated stainless steel pipe systems for air-to-water heat pumps. Take a look around our website and find out more about the technology, user-friendliness and the numerous possible solutions from which you will benefit by using the AQA+ system.


... thanks to extended connection pipe

We guarantee you maximum flexibility and thus reduce potential leaks that can occur due to the combination of temperature and pressure. In addition, all our connecting pieces have 2 sealing points and are double-sealed. All pipes are 100% leak-tested at the factory and provided with corrosion protection.


...thanks to well-known double sealing technology

Our well-known fittings from the BOAGAZ range also ensure the usual tightness with the TERRA+ system. Simple fitting and screwing of the connections saves valuable time and allows you to complete more projects in less time. Thanks to the patented double sealing technology and the correct screw connection, dripping joints are a thing of the past. No additional special tools are required.

energy savings

...for every area of application

The TERRA+ range meets all the requirements of the German Building Energy Bill and the Austrian standard ÖNORM H 5155 for heat distribution pipes.

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