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Efficient - 70% faster and easier installation
Flexible - Easily bendable stainless steel tube
Safe - minimum number of joints.


Gas Installation
without Compromises

With the BOAGAS gas installation system, you are opting for a modern and, above all, particularly safe gas installation system. High-quality materials combined with technical sophistication enable a unique, connection-free installation possibility. BOAGAS can be used up to 500 mbar in single and multi-family homes as well as in commercial and industrial areas. One of the special features of our stainless steel corrugated pipe system is its flexibility, which enables user-friendly, fast, and above all safe gas installation.

With over 40 years of market experience, choosing BOAGAS means opting for the European expert in the field of flexible gas installation systems. The flexible gas pipelines were originally developed for earthquake-prone areas. It was quickly recognized the potential of these gas pipelines to maximize safety, especially in residential construction.

We are active throughout Europe and stand for safety, quality and customer proximity through personal support. BOACRAFT has the widest range of bendable corrugated stainless steel pipe systems for gas. Take a look at our website and learn more about the technology, user-friendliness, and the numerous solutions from which you will benefit from by using the BOAGAS system.

A safe

Supplied in a continuous length, with BOAGAS CSST, connection points are kept to a minimum. In many installations this means that the whole system requires only two fittings; one at the meter and one at the appliance. And of course, with minimum connection points there’s reduced leak potential for a safer system.

With no hot works required for installation, there is no need for onsite solder or welding – a clear safety benefit. Unlike traditional piping methods. BOAGAS CSST is a lightweight solution, making it easier to manoeuvre on site, minimising the risk of pulls and strains to installers.

And for added peace of mind, our double-seal fittings are designed with a patented screw-press connection which works to create two seals for double sealing action. EXPLORE THE RANGE.

An efficient

Your time is valuable. With BOAGAS CSST you can maximise it with the ease of installation the system offers. Easy to manoeuvre around even complex structures, and with NO HOT WORKS, BOAGAS CSST is a cost-effective, time efficient way to install gas piping in a wide range of buildings.

What’s more, our FREE installation design service works from your plans to identify the most efficient installation route for hassle-free installation.


Whatever your next installation throws at you, with BOAGAS CSST you can overcome it with ease. Unforeseen obstacles are easily navigated, in fact, our CSST can simply be bent by hand into the desired position, with no need for elbows or joints to create bends and turns.

Supplied on a continuous length, and suitable for direct burial, with the BOAGAS system you can move with ease from the meter box through walls, floors, internally and externally quickly and easily. FIND OUT MORE

The complete piping solution:




Used worldwide over the past 40 years

A brand built on safety

The BOAGAS CSST system is a safe, flexible and reliable way to install gas piping into a wide range of buildings, from residential properties to commercial structures and industrial premises. But did you know that the CSST we use today has its origins as a solution to the problems earthquakes cause?

In Japan in the 1980s, research was undertaken to find a piping solution that would offer some resistance to breaking in the event of an earthquake. Following extensive research, stainless steel corrugated tubing (CSST) was born. Suitable for natural gas and LPG, and able, to some degree, to flex and absorb an earthquake’s vibrations, it was a safer solution, particularly when compared to rigid piping which is liable to breakage with even moderate vibrations.

And now, years later, BOAGAS CSST continues to be a safe choice as well as offering gas installers the ultimate in flexibility and convenience.



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