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Suitable for use with all three family gases, the BOAGAS CSST system is a simple, convienient and safe way to install gas piping. Whether it is a small project in a residential property, or major works in a large-scale development, BOAGAS is the solution.

Thanks to its innovative design, BOAGAS CSST can be installed in a continuous length, with no need for elbows or joints - simply bend by hand into the desired position! And, with fewer fittings than with rigid pipe systems, often only one at the meter and one at the appliance, leak potential is vastly reduced with testing and commissioning is quicker too!

The Gas Safe registered installer should install BOAGAS in line with IGEM/UP2 for commercial installations and BS 6891 within residential developments.

Residential properties

  • ideal for boiler installations
  • suitable for retro-fit
  • easier installation in tight spaces
  • no hot works required



Commercial Developments

  • quicker installs
  • cost-effective
  • easily connect to multiple meter boxes
  • flexible



  • savings in time and costs
  • simple, quick dimensioning and quotations
  • economies of scale attainable as the size of a project increases
  • lengths of up to 640M can be ordered


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