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BOAGAS gas pipes are available in sizes ranging from DN15 up to DN50 and suitable for installations of natural gas and LPG up to 500 mbar. Triple heat-treated, BOAGAS CSST offers optimum flexibility. What’s more, with BOAGAS CSST, elbows and joints are not required; the pipe can simply be bent by hand, making negotiating even complex spaces easier than when compared with rigid pipe systems. And fewer joints means a safer system with reduced leaks and call backs.

Materials & Technology

We only use high-quality stainless steel of grade 1.4404 for our pipes, which are heat-treated. This heat treatment gives the pipe its special characteristics in terms of dimensional stability and freedom from residual stress. Each pipe is then checked for leaks using helium and a PE lining of yellow corrosion protection is applied. Our pipes are placed in cardboard boxes or wound onto wooden reels and distributed as rolled products. The pipes are checked within the system for compliance with EN 15266 and are accompanied by numerous country-specific certifications and tests.   


  • natural and liquid gas, biogas, industrial gases
  • indoor gas installations
  • residential buildings, commerce and industry
  • can be laid under floor screed
  • can be laid in the soil
  • fire protection class B-s1-d0


  • simple, efficient and quick to lay
  • can be bent by hand (no elbow joints)
  • connectionless laying options for long stretches
  • connection points are kept to a minimum
  • protected against corrosion throughout and immediately recognisable as a gas conduit
  • free from residual stress, inherently stable
  • 100% inspection for leaks before leaving the factory
  • reduced shipping weight, space-saving storage
  • reduced consumption of resources through minimum material wastage 

Product range

  • DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40 and DN50
  • standard lengths starting from 15M
  • fitting and accessories also available


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